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And the Worst Health Care System in the World Is…

The United States, of course.

Oh, no, wait, it’s Canada.

Actually, I think it could be Germany.

Geez, now I think it might be the UK.

You could go on and on like this.  But you know what?

No matter how good or bad your system is, there are certain universal truths.

Here are four of them that might make you look at global health care a little differently.

First, health care is getting more expensive, all over the world.  A new study by the global consultant, Towers Watson (disclosure: Towers Watson is a Best Doctors client) found that the average medical cost trend around the world will be 10.5% in 2011.  In the advanced economies costs will rise by an average of 9.3%.  While Americans tend to think of rising medical costs as a uniquely American problem (they’ll rise by 9.9% here), it’s just not true.  Canadian costs will rise by 13.3%.  In the UK and Switzerland, they will increase by 9.5%, and in France by 8.4%.

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Third Place Health Care

Media reports on misdiagnosis continue to mount.

A recent study on patients with Alzheimer’s found that half had been misdiagnosed.  Half.

Another headline blared “4 out of 10 patients being misdiagnosed.”  The article encouraged patients to “see another doctor” if they are worried about their diagnosis.

You know what it makes me think about?



Because the way Starbucks revolutionized coffee drinking shows a way forward for health care.

Starbucks realized that since our lives focus on two places – home and work – most of us don’t have a “third place” to go.  A place where we can be free of everyday distractions and take care of ourselves.  Starbucks set out to create that “third place,” by making its stores comfortable, inviting places.  It works.  “Third place” makes customers’ lives better – and Starbucks has almost 20,000 stores to prove it.

It’s time for a kind of “third place” in health care.Continue reading…


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