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#HealthTechDeals Episode 14: Elemy, Health Gorilla, M_disrupt; Flume; and Homeward Health

In this episode of Health Tech Deals, Jess and I say hello to you from Miami! Together at ViVE 2022, we weigh in on some big funding deals! We also have a short cameo along the way (watch to see who it is)! Elemy raises $215 million; Health Gorilla raises $50 million; M_disrupt raises $6 million; Flume raises $30 million; and Homeward Health raises $20 million.


Jessica DaMassa:

Hello from Miami. I am at ViVE and look, the exhibit hall coming down around me. Here’s what the reg area looked like. People are leaving, everybody’s got their bags and ah, look who I’ve got. Weighing in with the big funding deals from ViVE, Matthew Holt. It is the March 10th episode of Health Tech Deals. Well, we’re selfie-style here, because we are on the move.

Matthew Holt:

Yeah. You had a fantastic professional cameraman and we decided not to use him

Jessica DaMassa:

No. Instead we’re using this, but I’ve interviews for you guys coming out of this.

Matthew Holt:

Even I did some, actually a lot of stuff going on in the show, pretty interesting. And there were a few deals announced.

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#Healthin2Point00, Episode 233 | Another $2B in deals, including Devoted’s whopping valuation

Today on Health in 2 Point 00, we’re thinking about changing our name to Health in 2 Billion 00. Devoted Health confirmed its $11 billion valuation, bumping it to $12 billion after you count the additional $1.2 billion coming in. Now onto the other 2 billion in deals, BetterUp raises $300 million in a Series C, bringing their total to $569.8 million for performance coaching and resilience training. Honor is growing fast – it raises $370 million ($300M of that is debt), bringing their total to $625M. Elemy, formerly called Sprout, raises $219 million, for children’s behavioral health. Finally, MindMaze raises $125 million, bringing their total to $235 million, working on gamifying digital neurotherapeutics. —Matthew Holt


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