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ICD-10: Rough Seas Ahead

Have you heard of “ICD-10?”  In addition to the many requirements of the Affordable Care Act, this may turn out to be another big headache for insurers and providers.  According to CMS’ web site, under the authority granted to it under the 2003 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), if you want to do business with Medicare or any other health insurer…

“ICD-10 codes must be used on all HIPAA transactions, including outpatient claims with dates of service, and inpatient claims with dates of discharge on and after October 1, 2013. Otherwise, your claims and other transactions may be rejected, and you will need to resubmit them with the ICD-10 codes. This could result in delays and may impact your reimbursements, so it is important to start now to prepare for the changeover to ICD-10 codes.”

Which is why the DMCB paid attention to this “Report from the Field” Health Affairs article “Coding Complexity: US Health Care Gets Ready For The Coming Of ICD-10.”

The Disease Management Care Blog was reminded that “International Classification of Disease” or “ICD” is an alphanumeric billing system used to specify and describe diseases and treatments.  Originally developed in 1763, it was adopted by the World Health Organization in 1948 for use in public health reporting.  It was later used by physicians, hospitals and health insurers to specify diagnosis coding and payment levels.  For example, persons with “diabetes” may think they saw a doctor for that particular disease, but as far as their insurer goes, they were really seen for “250.”Continue reading…