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Vesalius, Hooke, Hood and Steve Jobs

Has Steve Jobs and his company altered the practice of medicine as significantly as VesaliusHookeHood and other giants in the field?

A radical supposition perhaps. One that I am not altogether comfortable with. Yet there is no denying the impact of the technologies adopted as a result of his touch.

Medical practitioners these days employ easy to use mobile/connected devices to learn, to stream, to take CME,  or monitor patients, prescribe, ensure compliance, download and consume digital media, or just communicate and collaborate more robustly. Even crowd sourcing solutions to medical conundrums has become a concept mainstream institutions are embracing.

That the world’s data more and more exists in the palm of your hand – instantly accessible from the office to the operating room to any remote corner of the world – is due in large measure to devices and markets either pioneered by or made user friendly by Steve Jobs and Apple.

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