Tag: Clare L. Stacey

The Wages of Home Care

Nearly two million Americans work as home health aides and personal care aides — a number that is projected to climb above three million by 2020.

This is low-paid, low-status, exhausting work. A typical shift might include helping a client bathe, preparing her meals, changing her linens, helping her walk safely to the store, sweeping her floors, and helping administer medications (even though in many cases these aides aren’t licensed to do so). There is also a complex burden of emotional labor: comforting, cajoling, making small talk.

Most home aides are hired and paid by third-party agencies, which are often hugely profitable, in part because domestic workers have lacked minimum-wage and overtime protections under the so-called “companionship exemption” to the Fair Labor Standards Act.

After years of organizing by the National Domestic Workers Alliance, the Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute, and other groups, the Obama administration issued a preliminary regulation late last year that might finally bring an end to that exemption.

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