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Determination of need rule only goes partway

I usually spend some time throughout the year visiting with accounts, physicians, hospitals, and brokers (among others), just to hear what’s up and what’s going on.  Earlier this week, I was out visiting the leadership at a community hospital in Massachusetts, and asked them if they appreciated the MA Department of Public Health’s (DPH) decision to require academic medical centers to prove they weren’t duplicating existing clinical services in the community when they opened new operations in the suburbs around Boston.

For the uninitiated, this issue has been percolating in Massachusetts for the past couple of years, as a number of well known teaching hospitals have broken ground on some pretty big outpatient facilities in the suburbs around Boston. The service suite in these places varies, but it’s basically day surgery, cancer treatment, cardiac care, high-end radiology, and assorted other high-margin outpatient services that many community hospitals in Massachusetts argue they were already doing, and may now lose to these new facilities.

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