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The Pace of Change

My travels in Japan included lectures in Tokyo and Kyoto, sharing lessons learned from the US health information technology national efforts.    I highlighted that the Office of the National Coordinator has to balance the desire for innovation with a pace of change that vendors and clinicians can tolerate.

This led me to think about the pace of change that CIOs are experiencing right now.  The IT innovations of the past few years have been dizzying and the cycle between the peak of hype to the trough of obsolescence is now measured in months, not years.

Some examples of rise and fall

1.  Blackberry – I was one of the earliest adopters of Blackberry technology, using a small pager-like device for short text messages.  As each new model was announced, I welcomed the innovations – the evolution from thumbwheel to joystick to track pad, larger color screens, cameras, video features, and voice memo recording.   However, in 2011, my mobile device needs have outpaced Blackberry’s engineering.  I now need a full featured web browser, a book reader, the ability to zoom/drag via touch screen, and a robust App Store.   Until 2010, Blackberry seemed to be unstoppable in the corporate messaging world.  Now it is laying of 2500 people as the iPhone and Android devices rapidly replace Blackberries in consumer and business settings.   They tried very hard to introduce new devices such as the Storm, the Playbook, and the Torch, but came up short as customer expectations exceed their pace of innovation.

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