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Eric Dishman, Intel & Randy Swanson, Care Innovations

Eric Dishman has been at Intel forever, and has been a cancer survivor for even longer. At HIMSS16 I met with him and Randy Swanson, another Intel veteran who is now CEO of their subsidiary Care Innovations. Yesterday Eric left Intel to become Director of the Precision Medicine Initiative Cohort Program. You’ll figure out why he’s so perfect for the job listening to this interview. You’ll also figure out why Intel cares about health care overall, and where Care Innovations is heading in the remote monitoring world. —Matthew Holt

Video recording provided by Greg Masters at Health Innovation Media
(FD–I am on the advisory board for the Validation Institute which is funded by Care Innovations.)

The reboot for Care Innovations: Interview

I’m steadily getting all those interviews I did 3+ months ago at HIMSS up onto THCB. (For those of you not paying attention we had a bunch of tech issues at THCB needing a big change and had to forswear videos for a while. But we’re baaack…)

This interview is with Karissa Price, chief marketing officer, and Kumar Subramanian, CTO of of Care Innovations. This is the GE/Intel JV which was originally a devices and perpiherals company that has recast itself as a software and data analytics company–in the business of remote patient management–just in time for population health to get serious. When Sean Slovenski (ex-Humana) took over as CEO at Care Innovations he not only wanted to recast the company but he also wanted to impact the way the industry positioned itself, so he set up the Validation Institute (FD: I’m on the Advisory Board for the Validation Institute). You can hear more about what Care Innovations is up to in the video below.