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HEALTH 2.0 Accelerator

At the end of Health 2.0 in September 2007, CommerceNet’s Marty
Tenenbaum proposed the creation of an industry initiative to accelerate
the Health 2.0 vision. This initiative would do for Health 2.0 what
CommerceNet did for e-commerce, educating and catalyzing the market
through visionary integration projects that demonstrate the potential
of Health 2.0 to improve people’s lives. This first organizational
meeting will forge a direction for the Health 2.0 Accelerator,
exploring potential projects and organizational structures.

Come prepared to share your ideas about the need for a Health 2.0
Accelerator and what it should focus on: What are the problems that are
preventing your technology or organization getting specific tasks done?
What standards are needed to facilitate data exchange and mash-ups?
What partnerships would make your services or products more valuable?
How could a Health 2.0 Accelerator help?

This session is open to attendees at Health 2.0 San Diego only. Please pre-register for this session by clicking on this link.
You are also encouraged to propose a specific topic for discussion as a
potential project, and should come prepared to speak about it briefly
(PowerPoint ok).

UPDATE: Health 2.0 Connecting Consumers and Providers is officially sold out. You can sign up for the waiting list here. You will be notified by email if additional passes become available due to cancellation or a capacity increase.

EXHIBITORS: Want to get your healthcare service or product in front of the right people?  Health 2.0 is the place to be. Connect with investors and high level executives and opinion leaders at the top health systems, health plans and technology companies around the country.  Email with "exhibitor info please" in your subject line and we’ll get back to you in two shakes.


If you missed Health 2.0 User-Generated Healthcare this September you are now officially in luck. The 4 DVD box set of conference highlights is now available for
purchase. And just in time for Christmas! Starring Dr. David Brailer,
Sermo’s Daniel Palestrant, Esther Dyson, Google, Yahoo! Healthline,
Microsoft, Cisco, WebMD, Patients Like Me, Daily Strength, Organized
Wisdom, Enhanced Medical Decisions, Health 2.0 founders Matthew Holt
and Indu Subaiya and many many more.