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#HealthTechDeal Episode 10: ANDHealth, Ada Health, Minded, Expressable, and Curve Health

Valentine’s day…is awful. Check out this episode of HealthTechDeals to get Jessica’s and my more in-depth thoughts on the holiday. But let’s see which companies got some financial love this episode: ANDHealth gets $57 million; Ada Health gets another $30m; Minded gets $25 million; Expressable gets $15 million; Curve Health gets $12 million.

-By Matthew Holt


Jessica DaMassa:

Matthew Holt, was your Valentine’s Day filled with love and kisses and candies and flowers. Uh oh, I take it by the look on your face that’s a big fat no. It’s the February 15th episode of Health Tech Deals. So maybe these startups will feel a little bit more love than you feel right now. What happened?

Matthew Holt:

It’s just that Valentine’s Day in America is stupid, because your kids, I don’t remember this when you were young, because it was a long time ago, but your kids have to take Valentines to everyone in their class. It’s stupid.

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