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THCB Calendar: What Change on Capitol Hill Means for Big Data and Health Care

Co-instructors Aman Bhandari and Dr. Tom Tsang of Merck’s Data Partnership Group will lead the next and final class in Health 2.0 EDU’s summer webseries, Big Data, Big Business, on How HITECH and the ACA Are Changing the Data Landscapetoday, Tuesday, July 30th at 3pm PT/6pm ET.

Together Bhandari and Tsang bring decades of experience analyzing, predicting, and writing the legislation that most impacts the use of big data in health care. Join us to learn how the fine print in both the ACA and HITECH is creating both new opportunities and new challenges for using data. If you are a startup and have questions about either piece of legislation do NOT miss this class- Bhandari and Tsang will answer your queries live.

Sign up here and join us today.