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The New Frontier of Medicine?

I hear the same sentiment frequently from my physician colleagues. They’ll say something like, “I am just an expensive data entry person.”

All the bells and whistles, drop-down boxes and multiple windows to navigate in their electronic health record (EHR) require them to focus more on the technology than the patient. Contrary to intent, technology is slowing them down and distracting them. A lot of self-employed physicians using an EHR as well as those working on a production basis will feel this pain.

Rest assured my friends, it is not just you and your inability to use a computer or to change your workflow—as IT experts and administrators would have us believe. The EHR industry has failed to deliver the solutions. Could this possibly be the reason so many doctors have failed to adopt an EHR? (In 2007, the U.S. Office of National Coordinator for Health IT reported that about 50% of EHR implementations failed.)

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