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#HealthTechDeals Episode 43 | Happy Ring, Upfront, PatientBond, Nitra, Digital Diagnostic, Ubie

On this episode of HTD, Jess and I check out Akili Interactive: at least it’s still worth more than Pear Therapeutics. And by the way, what do we think will happen between Amazon and Signify? Tune in to find out! We also look at some new deals in health tech: Happy Ring raises $60 million; Upfront buys PatientBond, raising $20 million; Nitra raises $62 million; Digital Diagnostic raises $75 million; Ubie raises $26.2 million.

-Matthew Holt

Gamification: The Future of ADHD Treatment | Vincent Hennemand, Akili Interactive


The team at Akili Interactive has developed the very first doctor-prescribed video game to treat cognitive dysfunctions like ADHD. With game developers from Lucasarts on their roster (that’s right…Star Wars) it’s no wonder they’re seeing north of 85% rates of compliance! Are video games really the future of treatments for cognitive dysfunctions? Akili Interactive is betting on it with plans to add treatments for depression, multiple sclerosis, and schizophrenia on the horizon.

Filmed at the Frontiers Health Conference in Berlin, Germany, November 2018.

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