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Tips for Living a Wholesome and Contented Life

Wholesome living is a way of life that prioritizes mental and physical well-being alongside positive social and environmental choices to achieve optimal happiness and health. If you constantly wake up in the morning feeling sluggish, unsatisfied, and unmotivated, such that you need to load up on caffeine to power up for the day, chances are you aren’t living a contented and wholesome life. Keep reading to discover tips for wholesomeness and true contentment in life.  
Say Goodbye to Negative Relationships
Negative or toxic relationships are one of the major hindrances to wholesome living. They can tear down your self-confidence, make you feel insecure, and even make you detest being in your own skin. So if you want to start journeying toward contentment and true happiness, you must cut off negative relationships. When you break free, you’ll have more time for yourself and for people with whom you can establish healthy bonds. If you feel you can’t take the bold step on your own, consider getting professional help or leaning on true friends or family that are willing to see you through it.  
Care For Your Body
The importance of self-care cannot be overemphasized because it allows you to cultivate and nurture a healthy relationship with yourself. It’s not about being selfish, as some people think, but about consciously giving your body and mind the needed attention so that you can be in a better place to relate with others. In fact, engaging in a personal care routine can help reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and emotions that can interfere with your happiness. So, get enough sleep, engage in physical activity to stay fit and healthy, attend doctor’s appointments, and take medications prescribed to you. If you experience any physical symptoms in your body, try to get it checked early, so it doesn’t worsen with time.       
Indulge Yourself Occasionally
Loosen up and have more fun. When we take time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, we feel a higher sense of well-being and some excitement. So, you can occasionally have your favorite flavor of ice cream or enjoy the calming feeling that comes with cannabis use. Whether you are an avid weed user or not, everyone knows that it can induce a genuine feeling of happiness. But of course, it’s best not to overstep your body’s tolerance limit. Most dispensaries have trained staff that help guide customers when choosing the type of product that will best suit them. According to Kolas Cannabis Dispensary, ‘’Dedicating certain areas of a dispensary for customer education is important, especially for those who don’t know what they need, how to use it, or what to expect.’’  
Have a Positive Mindset
Having a positive outlook on life can help you think better, build better social relationships, and do more. To think more positively in life, you must recognize the power of words. Our words aren’t just what we say when communicating with others; they are expressions of who we are within. So, if you want to think positively, you must pay attention to what you say about yourself. Don’t tear yourself down with your words; create positive sentences to say about yourself, memorize them, and say them to yourself often. Also, take time to meditate or pray and write a journal. Writing is a powerful tool that engages your mind in a focused way. When you write out your thoughts, it can have a powerful impact on how you think.
Don’t Hold On to Bad Experiences From the Past
Try to take away the positive lessons from yesterday’s experiences, whether good or bad, and move on from there. For instance, you may have had a tough breakup that got you wondering what went wrong. Instead of dwelling on the circumstances that led to the heartbreak, take the lessons from the situation and move on. Similarly, if you get fired from your job, ask yourself what kind of work you want to do next and take it from there. Don’t see yourself as a victim but as a survivor.  
Know Yourself Better
Knowing yourself means discovering what makes you tick in terms of your beliefs, values, personal boundaries, personality traits, likes, and dislikes. It also entails recognizing your capacity for self-compassion, having a clear picture of your life’s purpose, and being self-motivated and adaptable. If you take out time to know these things about yourself, you’ll have increased self-acceptance. You’ll also be more confident about the decisions you make since they’ll come from a place of self-awareness.    

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