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Cause and effect essay should offer solutions also
While evaluating a certain situation or a topic, we find it very easy to point out its effects, but the causes for it remain debatable. For example, the topic of global warning can list so many effects of the same like unwarranted floods and droughts. However, the countries throughout the world try to pass on the blame for this situation on one another. Hence, a cause and effect essay should be a source of knowledge and learning for the readers and the writer also. When students need quality essay help, they usually ask professionals to write essays for money UK.
Begin with search for a controversial topic
As all such papers give a chance to measure the thinking and writing capabilities of students, the tutors prefer to have such essay on raging topics that affect our daily lives. Therefore, the students are advised to conduct thorough research on the current affairs and make a note of such topics that create controversies. Here are some of the topics that can be elaborated while writing similar essays.
Issue of terrorism
This topic has become the point of discussion in many drawing rooms as well at the wider political forum of various countries, as its effect can be seen worldwide, currently. However, the causes of terrorism can be many as we have religious terror, ethnic or racial terrorism. The countries like Sri Lanka may be suffering because of ethnic terror; we do witness Islamic fundamentalist terrorism almost everywhere these days.
There is a need to study the reasons for such terror, to write an excellent cause and effect essay on the topic.
It is also recommended that students go through other topic essays like argumentative essays and
academic essays, to gain further knowledge on the issues discussed. For write the best academic essay, just ask for help from the best essay writing service.
Make a thesis statement
Once the topic is selected, the student should make a thesis statement that will include the effects of the situation raised in the topic. The causes can be mentioned briefly, to lure the reader for reading the whole essay. Students can give their own opinion while discussing the topic of the essay. Offering your own innovative solutions to the problem will make the essay more popular
For writing your expressions in a better format, it will be helpful to go through opinion essay. Your thesis should touch the most controversial points of the cause and effect essay topics. The effects should be supported by the data found from research done by students on it, over the internet or from books, magazines, and journals. Similarly, the causes should be listed and properly referenced so that the reader has an idea about the opinion of others.
Essay structure
While this essay structure and organization shall be similar to other essays, it will be wise for the students to look at other 500-word essay and essay outline. If you want to see an ideal essay structure, just visit
However, the main challenge here will be to organize the essay in such a manner that each cause has a detailed effect, discussed individually. Hence, the causes and corresponding effects can be categorized separately to give the reader a better comprehension of the cause and effect essay topic. The main body of the essay should preferably have your solutions to such topics. As we have many raging issues that affect our lives every day, the students can read the papers at for a wider selection of topics. A good custom essay may solve a lot of problems and save much of your time.

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