Health in 2 Point 00 — with no video!


Due to @jessdamassa being lost in America and my totally crap internet in the Sierras, there is no #HealthIn2Point00 this week.

So I’m going to write out a few things we would have said:

1. @OscarHealth raises another $140m and files to IPO. SPAC or no SPAC, a bunch of these startup health plans are going to try to get out the door while the window is open! 420,000 members ain’t a lot–I mean there are 5-6 Medicaid plans bigger than that in CA alone! I still predict someone big buys them but whether pre- or post crash I don’t know.

2. @LyraHealth is raising another $175m (apparently). That’s the 3rd trip to the well THIS YEAR! Mental health is sexy these days. Just how many online mental health cos can make it? I think Lyra needs to use these $$ for automated self-service tech, cos psychiatrists don’t scale, and they currently sell themselves as having a better network than anyone else.

3. @kyruus buys @HealthSparq (from @Cambia). No $$ announced. Unclear why a company that makes $$ routing patients to doctors within systems (& prevents “leakage”) needs a transparency tool that explains who’s charging what. But maybe an overall pivot to serving health plans?

4. @h1insights raises $58m (total is over $70m). It’s a database of doctors sold to drug companies to help them better target their marketing. Good to know that in the new world of health tech, helping big pharma push pills is a reliable way to make bank.

OK, so that’s what I would normally have covered in 2 mins on #HealthIn2Point00 yes, it’s much better with @jessdamassa on video and running the show while poking fun at me. Hopefully the internet works next week! #MerryChristmas2020

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