Sourcing Digital Health for COVID-19? Mount Sinai’s Medical Innovation Lead Has Advice | WTF Health


As hospitals, health systems, and physician practices look to quickly scale up their digital health, telehealth, and remote monitoring offerings to adjust their delivery systems to the COVID-19 pandemic, what questions should they be asking health tech companies in order to make the right decisions? And, how can these health tech businesses, many of them startups, meet these ready customers half-way?

Ashish Atreja, Chief Innovation Officer for Medicine at Mount Sinai Health System (and also founder of digital health credentialing organization, Node.Health, and platform-builder Rx.Health) leans in with some critical advice at a time when health system sourcing, vetting, and contracting for digital health has never moved so fast.

“This COVID-19 solution you’re gonna bet on can be a catalyst for your entire digital health strategy and platform,” says Atreja, speaking as a health system innovator giving advice to others in similar roles. “There’s no pressure to bet on the right horse, but I think this is a moment of opportunity where you can see what is gonna give you long-term benefit.”

Pop-in around these minute-marks for more specific insight on:
6:37 — Common hesitations clinicians/hospitals have about bringing in digital health solutions
8:06 — Is fast-track contracting and integration here to stay?
10:55 — Advice for hospitals/physicians practices trying to bring in digital health and other virtual care solutions (what questions they should be asking health tech companies)

This interview is part of a ‘WTF Health: What’s the Future, Health?’ special series on health tech’s response to COVID-19. To hear more about what health innovation’s ‘who’s who’ are saying about digital health, telehealth, remote monitoring, and more, visit www.youtube.com/WTFHealth.

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