Announcing GuideWell’s Caring for Caregivers Challenge



Caregivers who care for aging, ill and disabled adult family members face a broad array of challenges within their daily lives. These challenges include stress, burnout, financial burdens, career sacrifices, sleep deprivation, depression, isolation, and lack of privacy. GuideWell believes it “takes a village” to sustainably support family caregivers, and that single point solutions are typically not broad enough to provide comprehensive relief to family caregivers.

GuideWell, in collaboration with Catalyst @ Health 2.0, is excited to announce the Caring for Caregivers Challenge — a Health Innovation Challenge that seeks companies or non-profits with programs, platforms, technology systems or services that have the potential to eliminate critical challenges family caregivers face. Comprehensive approaches should connect caregivers to resources, technologies, corporate benefits, and community networks to help them with their unique personal health and wellness needs. Approaches should serve:

1. Family caregivers caring for family members over the age of 65

2. Family caregivers caring for partners or adult children under the age of 65 who  are mentally disabled, permanently homebound due to a physical disability, terminally ill or who suffer from Alzheimer’s, congestive heart & pulmonary disease, cancer, and/or stroke.

The Caring for Caregivers Challenge is open to for-profit and non-profit organizations that earned a minimum of $250,000 in 2018 revenues. Applicants must be able to demonstrate their ability to develop and sustainably deploy innovative, scalable approaches that support the mental, social and economic health of family caregivers and improve their ability to care for loved ones.

In order to increase the scope and scale of support resources for family caregivers, applicants may consist of a team of diverse organizations that come together to jointly develop novel, scalable approaches. Team-based applicants must include at least two established corporate/non-profit entities on a team that jointly earned a minimum of $500,000 in 2018 revenues.

Key Benefits for Participants

  • Potential to win up to $100,000 in non-dilutive funding to further expand your solution
  • Ability to form strategic partnerships that result in a comprehensive approach that addresses multiple facets of family-based caregiving
  • Opportunity to pilot your solution in partnership with GuideWell
  • Access to mentors and subject matter experts in the health care industry
  • No cost or equity requirements to participate (other than travel to program activities)
  • Opportunity for potential industry PR and exposure in print, TV and digital marketing outlets

Applications are open!To learn more and apply, see: https://guidewellinnovation.com/health-innovation-challenge/

Catalyst @ Health 2.0 (“Catalyst”) is the industry leader in digital health strategic partnering, hosting competitive innovation “challenge” events, as well as developing and implementing programs for piloting and commercializing novel healthcare technologies.