HardCore Health Podcast, Episode 2: Consumerism & Privacy

HardCore Health is back and on today’s show Jess & I start by addressing how hard it has become for the health care consumer to navigate the “in-and-out of network” system that exists in health care today, and later discuss how money is being poured into some of the strangest sounding startups ideas in the health tech industry. We have a special interview from the best health data privacy lawyer around, Deven McGraw, from Ciitizen, commenting on the new patient privacy legislation that was released and Jess also speaks to Fred Trotter about how he, Andrea Downing, and David Harlow wrote a letter to Facebook, addressing their concerns over the privacy of Facebook groups. Last, but certainly not least, we have a rant from Ian Morrison about price transparency. Enjoy! —Matthew Holt

Matthew Holt is the founder and publisher of The Health Care Blog and still writes regularly for the site.

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