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THCB Spotlights: CY5


I know we have been bombarding you all with a bunch of videos and announcements, but there are some really interesting pieces of health tech that are launching and events that are happening in the Fall. Today I wanted to spotlight another really cool startup that Matthew met with at #TechCrunchDisrupt18 called CY-5 (pronounced Sci-5, trust me Matthew & I kept calling it C-Y-5). Their company is developing biometric temporary tattoos to track your vitals. Right now their tattoos can measure your heart rate and your inter-cranial pressure. Also, strangely enough, their tattoos are designed and printed onto a special paper that conducts electricity- that means it requires no exterior electricity source to monitor your biometrics! It is all in the design of the product that powers the tattoo. Their focus right now is to test their product out in the elderly population. For all of you out there that can’t get real tattoos, this would look really cool plus it would track your vitals and keep you healthy- double win.

Zoya Khan is the Editor-in-Chief of THCB as well as an Associate at, a health-tech advisory services for early-stage startups.