Science, Liability, Public Policy and the CTE “Epidemic”

Should young athletes be allowed to play tackle football?

Are concussions and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) a public health problem or merely one associated with professional sports?

Join experts in science, media, policy and administration at New York University, Wednesday April 18th, as they discuss whether our current understanding of head injuries and their pathology require immediate public action.

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Scientific Panel

Does the science support recent legislative efforts to ban youth tackle football for athletes under age 12?

Experts will present the current understanding of head impacts in youth sports and discuss whether bans on youth contact sports are justified and to what extent.

  • Chris Nowinski, PhD, Concussion Legacy Foundation
  • John Crary, MD, PhD, The Mount Sinai Hospital
  • Mark Herceg, PhD, Gaylord Specialty Healthcare
  • Jason Chung, Esq, NYU Sports and Society

Moderator: Arthur Caplan, NYU Langone Division of Medical Ethics

Media Panel

The role of mass media in driving public health issues cannot be overstated.  But when discussing head injuries, has the media fueled awareness or hype?

Leading journalists will provide insight on the process of reporting on head injuries and CTE.

  • Alan Schwarz, formerly of the New York Times
  • Daniel Engber, Slate
  • Dom Cosentino, Deadspin
  • Jon Frankel, Real Sports

Moderator: Cameron Myler, NYU Tisch Global Sports Institute

Law and Policy Panel

Shaping laws and policies to respond to head injuries are still in flux.  Why and what challenges lay ahead?

Lawmakers, advocates, lawyers and policy professionals discuss what changes to youth contact sports are necessary and if a total ban on some activities, such as youth tackle football, should be adopted.

  • Dennis Cardone, DO, NYU Langone Medical Center
  • Michael Benedetto, Assemblyman, New York State Assembly
  • Kathleen Bachynski, PhD, NYU Langone Division of Medical Ethics
  • Brooke de Lench, JD, Moms Team
  • Jodi Balsam, JD, Brookyln Law School

Moderator: Arthur R. Miller, NYU School of Law

Youth Administrator’s Panel

Policy decisions need to be put into action. But what happens when laws and policies are confusing or even contradictory?

Administrators will discuss their impressions and concerns about implementing new laws and policies and address how they respond to parent and youth concerns in a rapidly shifting youth sports environment.

  • Cheryl Lawrence, New York City Office of School Health
  • Patrick Pizzarelli, Section VIII Athletics
  • Donald Whitaker, North Jersey Pop Warner
  • Steve Young, City School District of New Rochelle=

Moderator: Budd Mishkin, former NY1

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