Sifting Through the Masses to Find Relevant Tech

Much of the time, finding the right partner to test your technology can be difficult and time consuming. From an enterprise healthcare organization’s perspective, identifying innovative technology that fits the strategic needs of the organization can be difficult due to the overwhelming number of startups entering the market. From a startup’s perspective, there are a few major roadblocks including:

  • Finding organizations ready to pilot new health technology
  • Completing a first pilot/proof of concept (or second, or third…) to gather the much needed data to grow commercial partnerships
  • Identifying the right individual in an enterprise organization who will champion new technology
  • Gaining an insider’s perspective about the potential clients’ strategic needs

Enter MarketConnect Enterprise: expediting the matching and vetting process for both the startup and enterprise healthcare organization.

One of the largest health insurers in the United States is looking for innovative technologies to integrate into their organization. From technology to support member communication to solutions that support providers when processing claims, they are looking to find relevant, innovative solutions that are ready to be piloted within a large organization, with no request for equity or IP. Think your technology may fit their needs? Check out the priority areas below, then complete an application here for the opportunity to be introduced.

  1. Consumer/member communication tools to improve engagement experience
  2. Provider tools to improve their experience for processing claims/obtaining prior authorization
  3. Solutions to assist consumers/members navigate & understand insurance billing
  4. Tools to help individuals find the right health insurance plan for them & their families
  5. Tools for consumers to improve, maintain and monitor their own health and wellness especially those that support specific groups of consumers (special needs, hearing impaired, dementia, caregivers, etc.)
  6. Solutions to improve claims processing

With MarketConnect Enterprise, we want to make sure both the health technology company and potential client find the right partners without the hassle. Complete an application to let us know how your technology fits the above priority areas and we will be in touch if there is a strong potential for partnership.

Alyx Sternlicht is a Senior Program Manager at Catalyst @ Health 2.0.

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