Speaking of frequently asked questions, THCB will be collecting yours this fall going into the New Year.  Send us (or tweet) your questions about MACRA, value-based care and payment reform and we’ll publish them. While much of our coverage of payment reform centers on the big picture issues around the Affordable Care Act, the what-ifs and the whys and why nots, our readers also want practical advice and insight on how best to manage the transition to this important new payment model.

If you’ve had an experience with an early ACO you’d like to tell us about, feel free to write. You can also post your comments in this place. Be sure to include your organizational affiliation if you’d like credit for your ideas, although anonymous contributions will be accepted as always.  To get started, you can check out the online session on  MACRA Frequently Asked Questions here. Come back to THCB for posts in the weeks to come. 

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