Is Big Data a Big Deal…or Not?

Dale SandersThe term “Big Data” emerged from Silicon Valley in 2003 to describe the unprecedented volume and velocity of data that was being collected and analyzed by Yahoo, Google, eBay, and others. They had reached an affordability, scalability and performance ceiling with traditional relational database technology that required the development of a new solution, not being met by the relational data base vendors.

Through the Apache Open Source consortium, Hadoop was that new solution. Since then, Hadoop has become the most powerful and popular technology platform for data analysis in the world. But, healthcare being the information technology culture that it is, Hadoop’s adoption in healthcare operations has been slow.

Date: Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Time: 1:00–2:30 PM ET 

In this webinar, Dale Sanders, Executive Vice President of Product Development at HealthCatalyst will explore several questions:

  • What makes Hadoop so attractive and rapidly adopted in other industries but not in healthcare?

This webinar is intended to be valuable to both technical and non-technical audiences, as we explore the convergence of Big Data technology and Healthcare’s Age of Analytics.

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