The Anecdote-Innovation Cycle

“Drinking single malt has stopped me from developing flu” – Anecdote (& Business Opportunity)

“Everyone should drink single malt based on my experience. It stops flu” – Advice

“You are talking baloney” – Paternalism

“Everyone is entitled to opine what saves them from flu” – Freedom and Choice

“We need science to determine efficacy of single malt “- Elitism

“Burden of proof is on he who asserts the benefit of single malt” – Epistemology

“We need evidence before third parties can pay for single malt” – Value-based healthcare

“Fewer episodes of flu in those randomized to single malt vs usual care” – Evidence

“We need more evidence that single malt reduces flu” – Third party does not want to cover

Government should pay for single malt at zero copayment – Entitlement

If the tax payer is paying for your single malt regulatory agencies decide which brand you drink – Collectivism

Single malt sucks and I need to fill an encyclopedia to get a sip – Electronic Health Records and ICD 10

Hey, I have new single malt. It’s better quality but costs forty times more – Incremental Innovation & Big Pharma.

Silicon Valley has decided to make single malt – Disruptive Innovation and end of single malt whiskey as we know it.

Did I tell you lamb tikka reduces flu in my opinion? – Anecdote (and business opportunity)

Regulatory – Innovative Cycle of Modern Healthcare Capitalism
Detect a problem.
Create a regulation.
Regulation asphyxiates the care providers. ☹
Situation is worse than before the problem.
Cometh the entrepreneurs
Makes a new product.
New product makes regulation more palatable.
Grateful care providers. ☺☺☺

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