Health 2.0 Announces Agenda Highlights for WinterTech

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 10.05.05 AMHealth 2.0 announces the inaugural event, WinterTech: The New Consumer Health Landscape on January 15th, 2015 during JP Morgan Week in San Francisco, CA. Industry leaders Walmart, Samsung, Target, Qualcomm Life, MyFitnessPal and many others will discuss major digital health themes in the marketplace such as: investing in consumer health, the new role of retail environments in health care, new platforms and interfaces for personal health, the informed health care consumer, and how consumer data is contributing to new clinical insights.

Participating organizations and speakers at WinterTech include:

Ben Wanamaker (Walmart)
Bakul Patel (United States Food and Drug Administration)
Rick Valencia (Qualcomm Life)
Tara Montgomery (Consumer Reports)
Karan Singh (Ginger.io)

Agenda highlights include:

Consumer Data Powering Clinical Insight: The tools and services that are shaking up data collection and analysis to provide actionable insights and more personalized health care. With Rick Valencia (Qualcomm), Bakul Patel (FDA), Karan Singh (Ginger.io), and Amanda Cashin (Illumina).

New Platforms and Interfaces for Personal Health: Samsung, Nick Crocker (MyFitnessPal), Jim Taschetta (iHealthLabs), David Donovick (Pivotal Living), and Lena Cheng (Doctors on Demand) discuss and analyze the newest tools and platforms in health and wellness as both familiar favorites and new players make ventures into this exploding market.

Investing in Consumer Health Care: An indepth discussion with health care investors including Lisa Suennen (Venture Valkyrie Consulting) and Casper deClercq (Norwest Venture Partners).

Revolutionizing Retail for Better Health Care Experiences: Ben Wanamaker (Walmart), Joshua Riff (Optum), and Target discuss the integration of health care into the retail environment both online and in person.

The Informed Health Consumer: The tools and resources educating and empowering consumer health care decision making. Hear from Tara Montgomery (Consumer Reports), Heather White (Environmental Working Group), Alex Postman (SELF Magazine), Thomas Goetz (Iodine), Ari Tulla (BetterDoctor) and moderator Dr. Robin Berzin.

“It’s impossible to understand the impact of this new class of consumer health technologies without understanding the larger economic and demographic shifts affecting the nation at large” said Health 2.0 CEO, Indu Subaiya. “From retail and media, to employers and consumer associations, WinterTech will examine the opportunities that arise from new distribution channels and business models that can take this innovation mainstream.”

Most details, including the agenda and registration can be found on the WinterTech website.

About WinterTech
WinterTech focuses exclusively on the consumer health tech landscape from the perspective of leading tech companies, retailers, investors, and the media. As new partnerships and opportunities emerge across many different sectors during a changing era of digital health and wellness, WinterTech aims to gather the industry leaders and consumers to facilitate impactful change.