A Shout Out For Our Sponsors

THCB is produced at our editorial offices in San Francisco and at satellite offices in Atlanta, Los Angeles and Boston. Our work would not be possible without the support of our readers and our generous corporate underwriters. This week’s coverage is brought to you by The ThinkWellPoint American Resident Project.

We’d like to thank WellPoint for their support.

You can read the press release on the THCB-WellPoint partnership here. We invite you to visit the American Resident Project as a way of showing your support for the work we do here at THCB.  We think you’ll enjoy following the posts by the inaugural class of bloggers.

As part of our work with the American Resident Project, THCB will be featuring a series of  guest posts by young doctors, residents and med students.  If you match that general description and would like to be featured on the national stage as a THCB blogger, drop us an email introducing yourself and submit a 300-450 word blog post for us to consider.

We’re particularly interested in posts on the future of medical education, design, innovation, the doctor-patient relationship and your own experiences so far in your career in clinical medicine. Submissions should be provided either as a shared Google drive  doc (preferred) or a Word or Pages attachment (less preferred, but still acceptable.)   If you’re providing a Google doc, you’ll want to share with editor at thehealthcareblog dot com. If you have one, you can include a head shot (we tend to prefer casual Facebook to staged departmental photo. )    We may or may not use the photo you provide.  Should we decide to run your post, you’ll also need a three line bio telling us about yourself. Give us about a week to review your submission.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay area or in Los Angeles, we are also looking for interns. Drop us a line if you think you might be interested in getting involved.