HealthLoop: A Health 2.0 Story

HealthLoop, Inc. has been developing a feedback system that creates a communication loop between patients and providers, to help keep track of the treatment progress in between clinic visits. This ‘loop’ consists of reminders, questions and care instructions based on the treatment plan. Patients are urged to regularly check-in online, providing feedback on the prescribed timely ‘action items’ and answers clinical questions based on where they along the recovery process. The system also alerts the doctor if a patient appears to be at risk of a complication, treatment failure or hospital readmission.

Today, HealthLoop announced that it raised $10M in Series A. The round was led by Canvas Venture Fund, an early-stage venture fund managed by the Morgenthaler Technology Investment Company. Other investors include Subtraction Capital.

HealthLoop has been a part of the Health 2.0 since its debut in 2009. The Health 2.0 Spring Fling: Boston 2009 provided the first sneak preview of its cloud-based automated patient follow up solution. It formally demoed at the Health 2.0 San Francisco Fall Conference 2011 stage, as a part of the annual Doctors 2.0 panel which showcases latest tools transforming physician practices. The same year, HealthLoop made another appearance at the Europe Fall Conference in Berlin as a part of the ‘Cool tools to connect stakeholders and promote the co-production of health care’ panel. We invited them back to our San Francisco Fall 2012 conference to as a part of the showcase of technologies transforming care delivery.

HealthLoop was also among the top five finalists of the DC to VC HIT Showcase 2012. Health 2.0 and Morgenthaler Ventures, the parent company behind HealthLoop’s key investor, jointly organize this event every year to find and promote the most promising health tech startups from across the nation.

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