New York State Plans Say “No Thanks” to Obama Fix

This is clearly going to get complicated.

Next example: New York Health insurers say they probably won’t be taking up President Obama on his invitation to extend health plans cancelled earlier because they do not comply with the Affordable Care Act’s requirements.

“Just trying to go back and recreate a product that you’ve eliminated is not something that plans are looking forward to with great enjoyment,” Leslie Moran, vice president of the New York Health Plan Association said.

Besides, nobody is really sure New Yorkers want their old plans back anyway.

Premium increases on New York plans have been among the most modest in the country, largely because the New York individual insurance market was tightly regulated (translation = non-competitive) long before the Affordable Care Act came long.  Many New Yorkers have actually seen significant decreases in their monthly bills.

That’s one reason sales have been humming – well, pretty decent, anyway – on the New York exchange …

According to HHS, the state exchange enrolled 18,000 people in the month of October.

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