The Health Care Handbook


The American health care system is vast, complex and confusing. Books about it shouldn’t be. The Health Care Handbook is your one-stop guide to the people, organizations and industries that make up the U.S. health care system, and the major issues the system faces today. The Handbook’s five chapters cover:

· Inpatient and outpatient health care and delivery systems
· The different types of health insurance and how they’re structured
· A clear summary of the Affordable Care Act, the Supreme Court decision, and other reform options.
· Concise summaries of 31 different health professions
· Medical research, technology, and drugs
· Health policy and government health care programs
· Economic concepts and the factors that make health care so expensive
· The Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries

Each section introduces the key facts and foundations that make the health care system work in a clear and neutral manner. The book also includes balanced analyses of current challenges and controversies in health care, including medical errors, government regulation, medical malpractice, high drug prices, and much more. Suggested Readings are included at the end of each chapter for readers who wish to learn more about specific topics.

The book is the work of two medical students, Elisabeth Askin and Nathan Moore. When Elisabeth and Nathan worked to educate themselves about the American health care system they couldn’t find a source that was comprehensive, understandable and non-biased – so they decided to write it themselves. After thousands of hours of research, writing, and consulting with dozens of national experts, the Health Care Handbook is now available. It’s rigorously researched and scrupulously unbiased yet written in a conversational and humorous tone that’s a pleasure to read and illuminates the convoluted health care system and its many components. The book is essential reading for health professionals, health professions students, and anyone who interacts with the U.S. health care system.

The book features a foreword from Dr. William Peck, former chair of the Association of American Medical Colleges and dean of the Washington University School of Medicine.