Axial Makes a Deal with Mayo Clinic

Today Axial Exchange acquired mRemedy, a Mayo Clinic company. Axial specializes in creating hospital software that integrates information from different systems in order to help patients move from the hospital to the home.

With the acquisition of mRemedy, Axial adds a patient app called myTality, which helps patients plan for upcoming hospitalizations.

CEO Joanne Rohde founded Axial after working as the director of health IT strategy at open source software company Red Hat. Her company first started out with Axial Provider to help clinicians communicate patient information with each other. Axial later developed an app for patients that gives them relevant  information before an upcoming procedure.

With the Mayo deal, Axial acquires myTality’s software and customers and will add four Mayo doctors to its advisory board. For more information, read the article over at Health 2.0 News.

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