Matthew Holt

End of life “care” redux

There ‘s an excellent article by physician Ken Murray at Zocalo Public Square suggesting that few (or no) doctors would put themselves through routinely practiced end of life care. Let’s face it. The system is on automatic for reasons that are lost in professional medical culture and propagated by the Jerome Groopman meme that we must keep practicing new stuff to find out what works, and if lots of people suffer on the way….well that’s the cost of progress. The result is a medical system that does massively excessive care of everyone–especially the nearly dead. As the old joke goes, they really do put nails in coffins to keep the oncologists out. Yes there are cases when intensive treatment does work, but I suggest everyone looks at the site in order to start the conversation with their own families and providers. At least take the system off automatic for you and your loved ones.

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