Matthew Holt

Feds on the Web: Medicare relaunches caregiver site

I’ve been impressed by the efforts of CMS and others in the Federal government to develop helpful websites. Medicare has just relaunched its Caregivers website. It’s got a nice variety of stories, links and resources–including links to multiple partners offering support communities and other help. While the Physician Compare site had problems (and is a much more complex effort), I thought that was a good start to the complex world of finding health insurance, and the Health Indicators Warehouse is another good start at releasing masses of data in a usable format (FD Health 2.0’s Technology Guide is linked to as part of the site). Everything here can and will be improved, and much of this will be built on by the private sector–and that’s the way it should be. But given the scorn poured upon government, lets recognize the strides made.

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