Matthew Holt

Kosmix Bought by Wal-mart

In a move I don’t quite understand, Wal-Mart has bought search & content site Kosmix for a reported $300m. Kosmix has been doing various things around presentation of search information from different sites and places on the web (including an interesting mash-up of Twitter called Tweetbeat. But it’s most of interest to us as its flagship RightHealth site has been a leader in Health 2.0. While not exactly Google-type money $300m for a company which had raised a total VC investment of about $55m is not nothing. But it appears that Wal-Mart bought it for the technology potential more than for the current revenue or the RightHealth site. So lets hope that we’ll be seeing more investment and more products from RightHealth in the coming years–rather than it being tossed as part of a larger social media strategy from the Beast of Bentonville.

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