Health 2.0 News launches

H2news_125x125 Today I'm very excited to tell you that Health 2.0 News is launching. We‚Äôve had the Health 2.0 Blog for several years now and of course have extensively covered the world of Health 2.0 and the Health 2.0 Conferences on THCB. But we‚Äôve been a little behind in tracking the news and activity that‚Äôs going on daily in the world of Health 2.0 companies. 

Meanwhile the Health 2.0 organization has grown significantly to do much more than conferences. We‚Äôre now actively tracking several hundred Health 2.0 companies in a private database, we‚Äôre working on consulting projects, we have a major developer challenge program and we have more in the wings.

So from today the all new Health 2.0 News will be actively tracking industry news, showing video of Health 2.0 events, and having editorials from important Health 2.0 leaders. Please head over to Health2News.com and join us!

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