Health 2.0 Announces its Starting Five for the 2011 Developer Challenge

Following the success of the 2010 Health 2.0 Developer Challenge, we are excited to get the ball rolling again for 2011. Within the short time the Developer Challenge has been live, we have had six winners, who were able to present their solutions at the Health 2.0 Fall Conference in San Francisco, October 7-8, 2010, and two challenges that came to an end in late November. We are incredibly proud of the achievements of the participants in the 2010 Developer Challenge and we are delighted to announce the starting line-up for the 2011 Health 2.0 Developer Challenge.

Now here are the starting five:

  • The myHealthyPeople Challenge, sponsored by Healthy People 2020 Splash, asks to develop a “myHealthyPeople” application for the thousands of Healthy People stakeholders using national health objectives and related health indicator data as part of Healthy People 2020, the national agenda for health promotion and disease prevention that outlines a set of health objectives for the US to achieve over a 10-year period.
  • Analyze This!, sponsored by Practice Fusion and Microsoft, invites teams to use medical research data to answer pressing public health questions. Access the free Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket dataset from Practice Fusion to visualize healthcare trends, find adverse drug reactions, chart chronic disease, mash up the results with other sources or build applications.
  • Engage with Grace Challenge, sponsored by Engage with Grace, asks the question: Can you make an application that uses the power of today’s software and data to incorporate a much broader range of options, and a process for communicating information around those options, regarding end of life preferences?
  • WWHI / VAi2 Veterans Health Wireless Innovation Challenge, sponsored by West Wireless Health Institute and VAi2, challenges teams to design an award-winning wireless device or application targeting a problem specific to the Department of Veterans Affairs regarding care for our Veteran population, through apps that wirelessly connect hardware with cell phones (or some type of wireless technology), and target identified Veterans health problems.
  • Food Find: Putting Healthy Food Choices in the Path of Everyday Life, sponsored by the American Heart Association, is a challenge to developers to help consumers/communities put healthy food choices in the path of everyday life.  Create a tool to look at food desert issues, triggers that drive people to healthier food choices and/or analysis that drive communities to identify and activate on food access issues in new ways.

All of these companies have sponsored a challenge in the hopes that it will inspire people to take an active role in their health care.

But wait there is more! Health 2.0 is also starting the year off right by continuing to host the popular Heath 2.0 Developer Challenge Code-a-thons through to 2011. There are three Code-a-thons scheduled for the beginning of the year.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the action and participate in the first challenges of the New Year. To create a team and submit a solution, please go to www.health2challenge.org.

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