AMA Opens Online News Archive

Ama American Medical News, the award-winning newspaper published by the American Medical Association  (AMA), announced today it is offering unrestricted access to its online news archive at amednews.com.

The online news archive dates back to January 2000, with selected earlier content. It represents a rich resource on issues confronting physicians and trends in medicine. Content includes in-depth reporting on the business and regulatory sides of health care, practice management and hot issues in public health and patient care.

“The American Medical Association hopes the accessible online news archive, and digital conveniences offered by American Medical News, will better help readers stay on top of the trends and forces shaping a complex, ever-changing medical environment, said AMA President Cecil B. Wilson, M.D.

Journalists, bloggers, policy experts – anyone following the health-care scene – will find amednews.com an important in-depth reference, offering tables, charts and essential tools such as:

The From the Vault page offers full-page news articles of enduring relevance and practical value. The page showcases a rotating selection of archival Editor’s picks, which features a special search targeted at interesting stories previously unavailable. Examples of the feature stories now available from the online archive, include:

Medicare payment — past, present, future: Prelude to a crisis
This three-part series examines the Medicare program’s troubled history with physician reimbursement and helps put the current news about the sustainable growth rate formula in perspective. (September 2006)

Fighting frivolous lawsuits: Doctors engage in an uphill battle
Many physicians have fantasies about suing the lawyers they believe frivolously named them in medical malpractice lawsuits. Few, however, actually turned that fantasy into reality. Of those who have, few have emerged victorious from the courtroom. This story examines why and looks at other tactics doctors can use instead of a countersuit. (October 2003)

Never too old to quit: You can help the elderly stop smoking
Older smokers face a unique set of challenges when it comes to kicking the cigarette habit, and primary care physicians are central to their success. This story examines the unique problems this age group face when trying to quit and gives physicians practical ideas for targeted cessation counseling and assistance. (February 2005)

As the nation’s best-read publication about current events that affect physicians, American Medical News remains committed to bringing its readers award-winning, editorially balanced reporting on health-care news, and welcomes links to content from interested parties.

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