Interview with James Currier, Medpedia

James Currier founded Tickle, a self assessment testing company later sold to career site Monster.com. But he's set the bar much higher in his next venture, Medpedia, Medpedia, as the name suggests, aims to be a comprehensive encyclopedia of medicine. It uses the wiki platform but it has more editorial control and restriction than Wikipedia–particularly limiting final editing rights to credentialed physicians. But Medpedia is also trying to do a whole lot more than that.

This effort has raised controversy from patients who feel (perhaps wrongly) that they're excluded from the process, from Clay Shirky (who suggested that Wikipedia is good enough), and from me (wondering why Medpedia is trying to do so much). James talked with me to discuss what Medpedia's goals are and to answer some of the criticisms.

James Currier, Medpedia

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