We love Paris in the Springtime: Health 2.0 announces Europe 2010

MétropolitainAbbesses We’ve had great participation in Health 2.0 Conferences from Europe and across the globe, and today we’re delighted to announce that we’re going to be holding a Health 2.0 Conference in Paris on April 6–7, 2010. It’ll be at the Cite Universitaire, which is a beautiful building in the southern part of Paris, with hidden inside it a very modern conference facility.

The conference will be called Health 2.0 Europe 2010 and it will be a unique experience. We will integrate the best of European web/mobile based technologies, and compare, contrast and contextualize them with leading examples of Health 2.0 from North America. We’ll be seeing what works in the context of Europe’s evolving health care systems, whether there are commonalities across European systems that can lead to economies of scale (or not!), and what the “boundary-less” online world means for consumers and physicians working in distinct health care systems.

To help us in Europe we’ll be partnering with Denise Silber, from Basil Strategies, a veteran eHealth expert based in Paris, and also working with several other colleagues in Europe.

The conference will use our familiar format of “rapid-fire” technology demos, deep-water discussions, provocative keynotes, and a little bit of Health 2.0 sizzle–but we’ll also make it “localized” for Europe. There’ll also be a presentation of the latest thinking about Health 2.0 in the European context, special videos, an unconference session, the introduction of new companies at Health 2.0 Europe’s Launch! session, great networking parties, and much, much more to keep you very stimulated for a day and a half in Paris.

Oh, and did we mention that it’s in Paris in the Springtime? To learn more please visit http://www.health2con.com/paris2010/

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