Commentology: National Health Information Networks; What is the Benefit?

Gregory Park from DB Technology, wrote in to say this about National Health Information Networks:

"I was wondering where is the debate on the real benefits in NHINs. 
What is the benefit exactly?  The way that I see it, most of the
benefits could be achieved by lower tech efforts such as disease
hotlines which exist today.

Is there real benefit in creating a centralized medical record for each patient? Can
you tell me the provisions for when my medical identity is stolen and
bad information fuses to my national health record?  Smells bad to me…

is the conversation on data ownership?  I know there is an emphasis on
assuring that patients have access to their data.  Well thank you very
much for considering me.

Actually I was considering
whether I want to share MY data with the NHIN!  Actually I don’t.  I
want to control my information lock stock and barrel.  Give it to me
whenever I receive care and I will make sure it makes it to the next
care-giver that needs the information.  Give me the information and I
will make sure I merge it with all the other data collected, including
my PHR!

I really believe that as consumers we need a
choice, and it’s a choice that is older than the heavens!  Give me the
choice to self-direct or be directed. 

Where is that conversation?"

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