Unlikely conversation partners

Do you want to see me and Regina Herzlinger in conversation together?  You can sort of do that here. The Center for Connected Health (the Partners guys) had a conversation which was supposed to be three people who’d been at their previous conference talking together. But for some mysterious reason at the last second Herzlinger couldn’t make it. (I sincerely hope that it wasn't because she saw that I’d be on the call!)

So it was Joe Kvedar (from Connected Health). Jay Sanders—who is great by the way—and moi. All talking about the future of remote care. It’s a fun conversation, with Herzlinger’s comments somehow cut in at various times.

By the way, on the topic of everyone’s favorite HBS Professor, last week WellCare settled with the Feds following the raid in October 2007. Apparently the Feds figured that the fraud on Florida Medicaid was about $40m, and that a fine of $80m would be as much as the company could afford (although as far as I can tell they have over $1 billion in cash!). This week on Monday, Wellcare settled with the SEC for another $10m. By the way, Wall Street regards these settlements as good news, and the stock actually has nearly doubled from the depths of last month

Our friends over at Health Care Renewal have put themselves on the Regi shit-list by noticing that she’s still on the board of directors, and they’ll presumably be expecting a letter from her lawyer too. But Roy missed out on noticing (or didn’t report) that Regi sold more than $2m worth of stock a few months before the raid. Not getting soft in your old age are you, Roy?

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