Andy Hurd, CEO, CareFx

Matthew is away in Peru sampling the delights
of the Andes this week. He had a very busy month with conferences
in Hawaii, HIMSS in Chicago, WHCC in Washington DC, and of course
Health 2.0 Meets Ix in Boston. Lots and lots of video was taken during
all those trips, and we gnomes back at THCB are taking the opportunity
to show you some of it. This week we're presenting all the interviews Matthew had at HIMSS in Chicago that haven't already been shown.

Andy Hurd, CEO, CareFx, talks about his company, which provides a way
of viewing disparate systems, by sharing views into different hospital
departmental systems quickly and relatively cheaply. It's a fix for the
messy "different systems don't talk to each other" problem, and it's
catching on in the big hospital market, with explosive growth last year.

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