Deron liked Matthew's interview with athenahealth CEO Jon Bush.

He had this to say about Jon:

"He's an amazing guy with great vision and clarity.  If I were starting a practice from scratch, using Athena's platform would be a no-brainer.  Unfortunately, we've already invested big $$ in one of those standalone systems."

RBaer weighed in on Matthew's morning post, "A Liberal is a Conservative Exposed to the NHS."

"I am actually a former German physician,  (I am in the US because my wife is US American), and I can tell you that German physicians, especially hospitalists are underpaid (many physicians in private practice do reasonably well, though).  I hear from friends and family that Germany is paying a price for that by seeing many physicians go abroad (England, Switzerland), being replaced by doctors from Eastern European countries who are often faced with language- and cultural barriers."

Meanwhile, MD as Hell had this response to Brian Klepper's insightful Friday post "A Self Fulfilling Prophecy: The Continuity of Care Record Gains Ground as a Standard."

"I don't care which system is adopted. ePrescribing is tedious and cumbersome. It interferes with my educating and interacting with my patients. It decreases my time efficiency and therefore costs me money. It is not a onetime cost. It is with every patient encounter forever, if I am forced to do it. I do not do it now, although I have tried it."

Finally, Margalit had this to say about Renaissance Health founder Rushika Fernandapoulle MD's guest post earlier this week ("Building Care Into the Delivery System, Take 2.")

Let's assume that Mr. Santos' PCP really walked out the door after
referring the patient to a specialist. I wonder why would a doctor do
that? Is it maybe because he had 30 more patients to see on that day
and all he can afford is a few minutes with each patient? Why is he
seeing so many patients that the quality of care obviously suffers?
Probably because PCPs are not getting reimbursed for 30 minutes of care
coordination in our procedure driven system.

A nurse recruiter wrote in to back Mick Whitley's Op-Ed ("

No Need for Alarm Over Need For Foreign Nurses)"..nurses coming to America are not replacing American nurses. There are just way too many vacancies for that too happen. Rather, the immigrant nurses are taking the staff level jobs that allow the American nurses to be promoted.

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