PharmaSURVEYOR is The Most Advanced Drug Safety Utility for consumers
and professionals alike.  PharmaSURVEYOR offers a personalized drug assessment tool designed to
show users not only drug-drug interactions but the much more common and
often dangerous adverse drug side effects making it a valuable tool for Medication
Therapy Management and Medication Reconcilliation. By partnering with
other healthcare sites and services such as Electronic Health Records
(EHRs) and Personal Health Records (PHRs), it can automatically
bring in a patient's medication list from a partner, run a Drug Safety
Survey on their drugs, and show them the combined risks as well as
interactions from their drug regimen. PharmaSURVEYOR then provides a
"what if" capability to "try" substitute drugs and help find those
which will reduce the adverse drug effects of greatest concern to a

To learn more about PharmaSURVEYOR go to www.pharmasurveyor.com

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