Frances Dare, Cisco’s optimist, and KP’s Garfield Center

From time to time we check in with my pal Frances Dare who is Cisco’s optimist about the impact that IT will have on health care (FD I’ve worked for Cisco in the past). Here’s an interview I did with her on HC IT policy last year.

Her handlers sent me this piece of video where she was interviewed about the role Cisco’s version of connected health could play in improving hospital efficiency. (Warning—you need to log in and give Cisco your email to see the video and once you get there I recommend skipping the first 3 minutes of corporate-marketing speak and wind straight onto Frances)

Meanwhile, I went on a tour last week of the Kaiser Garfield Center (which was very cool even though I haven't gotten around to writing about it yet!) and on it I was reminded about the role connectivity has to play in hospital design. As well as reaching out to the home.

Meanwhile, here’s a pic of Telemedicine in action in the Garfield center test environment.


Here’s another of a table in a test “home” full of more pieces of in-home health monitoring equipment than you ever likely to see in one place again!


And here’s former Health 2.0 Ranger and future world health dominator Jen McCabe Gorman pretending to be a nurse testing the new scrubbable Intel portable computers


Asking KP why they put in the $4bn Health Connect system first, and then opened the testing environment at Garfield second, is not considered good form!!

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