When You’re a Wonk, You’re a Wonk All the Way

Folks at the Health Affairs blog are proudly highlighting a Business Week snippet about incoming health 
reform czar and HHS Secretary Tom Daschle. The magazine quotes a friend talking about Daschle’s intensity this way: “He really does unwind by reading [policy journal] Health Affairs.”

As long-time Health Affairs readers, we applaud this seriousness of purpose. However, we cannot help but be reminded of the story of the man who went to see a psychiatrist and complained that all he dreamed about was baseball, baseball, baseball. “Don’t you ever dream about travel, or adventures or women?” asked the shrink. “What,” replied the man, “and miss my turn at bat?!” 

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  1. Then there’s the Woody Allen joke about the guy who told a psychiatrist that his brother thinks he’s a chicken.
    “How long has he been like this?” asks the psychiatrist.
    “Five years.”
    “Why have you waited so long to come to me?”
    “We needed the eggs.”
    Now that’s serious!