Fibroid Tumors: What You Need to Know

In her just published 8th book on women's health, Biologist Winnifred
Cutler takes the terror out of fibroid tumors.  In HORMONES AND YOUR
, she writes:

     "Fibroids are about as common as freckles.  They are benign and
occur in more than 70% of reproductive-age women."  ***Fibroids should
not be confused with cancer or a risk of developing cancer.

Dr. Cutler recognizes that unwanted bleeding caused by fibroids
understandably alarm women and scare some to rush into surgical removal
of the fiborids, or worse, of the entire uterus i.e. an  unneeded
hysterectomy (which Dr. Cutler generally opposes.)

Importantly her new book alerts women to the "turf battles" among
various medical specialists competing for the business of fibroid
treatment and the 4 effective treatments if they are causing problems.
She shows women which specialists are trained to perform which

An important theme throughout her book is encouraging women to:
-Take Command

If you having a problem with fibroids, I hope you will seriously study
the information presented here. Your informed, dignified command of the
facts can profoundly affect the solutions you seek and find. Don't be
in a rush to get the process over with. Every surgery provides fodder
for future medical problems. Surgery is dangerous. Reject the attitude
of, "when in doubt, cut it out."

To learn more read  Hormones and Your Health: The Smart Woman's Guide to Hormonal and Alternative Therapies


Leading medical experts praise this book:
"Winnifred Cutler's message is clear, precise and correct that women
have choices as far as hormone therapy is concerned and they are in

-Dr. Alan De Cherney, MD., Editor in Chief of the medical journal Fertility and Sterility.


Dr. John Sciarra, MD, PhD, past president International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics

We hope you will visit the Athena Institute for Women's Wellness website to learn more about Dr. Cutler's new book and research;

http://www.athenainstitute.com/hormonesandyourhealth.html http://www.athenainstitute.com/mediaarticles/moremag2.html

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