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I sat in on another session at Connected Health about A Progress Report on Medicare’s CMHCB (Care Management for High Cost Beneficiaries) Pilot. This is the medical group alternative to Medicare Health Support operated via providers not health plans. Some quick notes…

Suneel Rataan from Health Hero: We know that we can make DM work using the Health Buddy and supporting nurses in the VA. But could they make it work in a community setting under Medicare Fee for Service. We know how badly Medicare Health Support has gone, what about this one (CMHCB)? “We can’t talk about the results but our program has not been terminated!” (Actually they have applied for an extension & expansion of the project).

Couple of others, one from Montefiore in the Bronx another from Partners—the Partners one has a variety of practices and the problem is that they need to have the consistent program across those.

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