Around the Web in 60 Seconds (Or Less)


Google launches its own Web browser, Chrome. The latest competitive move with Microsoft is available for download today.

About 800 people in New Hampshire are about to lose their health insurance because the plans don’t meet the minimum requirements set by the state. Can you say unintended consequences of consumer protection laws?

The Joint Commission will now grade hospitals on their level of "cultural competency." The Commonwealth Fund will fund a panel to "explore how diversity, culture, language and health literacy issues can
be better incorporated into current Joint Commission standards or
drafted into new requirements."

The National Quality Forum has endorsed nine new national standards for health information technology in the areas of electronic prescribing, electronic health record, interoperability, care management, quality registries, and the medical home.

California steps into uncharted territory without a state operating budget. The Legislature’s failure to agree has led to the longest overdue budget in state history.

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