RWJF launches new Web section to share quality strategies


The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation launched a new section on its Web site last
week aimed at sharing best practices for improving health care. The new Quality/Equality portion is full of engaging multimedia features and includes an expansive library of interventions and tools, resources and videos.

“We know that spreading the best practices and lessons learned from these programs will require a combination of several things, one of which had to do with creating useful, accessible content from these program experiences directly aimed at the people we want to make the change—the doctors, nurses, policymakers, and leaders who are at the front lines of improving health care," said Minna Jung, Foundation spokeswoman.

"We don’t know yet if offering this content will help engage bigger audiences in improving health care quality for all Americans," she said. "But we feel we’ve got to try to do this type of web outreach, and do it well,"

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